SOTUCOUPE (Tunisian Company for Cutting Tools) which was founded by Mr. Hamadi LABIEDH in 1988 is the only one of its kind in North Africa.

Its main activity is manufacturing and sharpening cutting tools, in particular:

  • Guillotine blades, crushing blades, shear blades, circular and long blades and toothed and non-toothed blades.
  • Punching and folding tools.
  • Wood, aluminum and steel carbide saws, HSS metal milling cutters saws and all kinds of HSS and carbide cutters.

Ever since 1996, SOTUCOUPE has increased and diversified its output in the field of industrial machine spare parts to manufacture all sorts of right, conical and helicoid gear, cams, camshafts, axes, endless screws and even the most complex parts which are manufactured, treated and adjusted by numerical-checking machines.

Thanks to its effectiveness, a rigorous leading staff and a highly experienced team made up of 60 qualified employees, SOTUCOUPE has a leading position on the Tunisian industrial market as shown by the important number of its customers.

Indeed, more than 2,000 customers in Tunisia and abroad have trusted SOTUCOUPE such as SNCFT, El FOULEDH, SNCPA, MAKLADA, COTREL, POULINA GROUP, MEUBLATEX GROUP, DELICE, YOGO, STIL, RNTA, MTK, SIPP, SEPIM, Enfidha Cement factory, Lahmar Brick Factory, El MAWASSIR, etc

SOTUCOUPE is fitted with ultra modern equipment for all operations of production, repair and sharpening: CNC milling, CNC turning, flat and cylindrical CNC adjustment, sharpening of carbide and steel tools, etc. SOTUCOUPE designs and produces brick screwing dies as well.

SOTUCOUPE has also its own research and development department to help meet the most various requests and requirements of its customers in matters of study, technical and 3D design on computers as well as technical follow-up, assistance and advice.